Our Approach


Fine art shouldn't be something that only a select few enjoy. My art is priced so that it can be accessible.


What makes my art different?  Each color is hand mixed. I only use cyan, yellow, magenta, black and white.  Once the canvas has dried it is sealed and UV protected. Then copper is added.  It may be hand-hammered, chased, raised or flamed treated to create a unique complement.  The hardwood frames are custom made.  Stain colors are again hand mixed to create a unified art experience.

Our Story

Meet the Artist

Hello friends!  My name is John Koeppen and the artwork in these pages is an intimate reflect of myself. I was born and raised in Key Largo, Florida on the reef. I grew up enjoying the many colors and textures of the reefs as well as the many rare fruit trees my parents grew on our 1 acre lot. I attended St. John's University in Collegeville, MN where I earned a bachelor's in psychology.  I decided to then pursue a Master's in Theology. During my graduate studies there, I met a small community of contemplative Cistercian monks. After my studies were complete, I entered their community in Sparta, WI and made my monastic profession. After my profession I lived and studied in Bregenz, Austria on the beautiful Bodensee. However, my monastic calling was not to be a lifetime commitment. I moved back to the US and settled in Minneapolis, MN where I met my husband of 20 plus years. Weary of the snow and cold, we settled in the foothills of the Coachella Valley. It is here, in this amazing desert, that I work to create pieces which inspire.

John Koeppen, artist

John Koeppen